From nature to art

Gourmet Food

Sea and land products are gifts, the sun and the air of the and climate in Western Australia make them unique and irreplaceable. The respect and love of those who produce them make them excellence, and the expertise and creativity of those who work them transform them into intense experiences. Nature’s best in a dish, the passion of a lifetime in every mouthful.

Galangal Thai Restaurant


The ingredients are ready on the counter, waiting for expert hands to shape them. It is not just a matter of raw materials, timing and ability. The real marvel is instilling one’s soul to give character. We have found including the whole team in the creative process is an art form in itself. Like the colours of a palette, the plasticity of a sculpture, the harmony of a song, and the taste of passion. So begins the journey to the discovery of flavours that convey the knowledge of a precious culture and population.

We are proud to serve modern authentic Thai and Western influences harmoniously combined into something uniquely known as Galangal Thai Cuisine. We use only the freshest ingredients to create healthy and tasteful Thai dishes, including curries, noodle dishes, seafood specialities and vegetarian options.

Inspired by Jang's life in the kitchen in her family restaurant in Thailand, Jang's rich, hearty aromatic beef curry is what we all long for. The curry paste is made from scratch and here are the steps to reproduce what Jang has become famous for.

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