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In the heart of Perth, Galangal Thai Cuisine is not merely a restaurant, it is a worldly kitchen. It is a unique place, in which every object and every detail has its own meaning because they are elements that contribute to creating a journey to discover the culture of the territory of Thailand. We take the best local ingredients and use traditional food preparation, methodologies with the best Thai cuisine chefs. We are not just looking to provide you with a meal. We are looking to transport your senses to Thailand We see this as our opportunity to offer you an intense and enveloping taste experience, in which the aromas, colours, flavours, combined with a spark of inspiration and creativity, to ignite all the senses.

Galangal Thai Cuisine

Food and solidarity, an unbeatable combination on the road to responsibility

Galangal Thai Restaurant

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The passion of a lifetime

What really makes me happy is to establish relationships and this happens wonderfully in the kitchen, because food is the language that connects people. In the kitchen I become ambassador of my land: the identity of a people is also what they eat.

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Galangal Thai Restaurant
Galangal Thai Restaurant

Take Away and Dine In For Lunch and Dinner 12pm to 9pm Monday to Sunday

For take away orders see order online or call (08) 9444 6005 or text your order to

Inspired Thai food

Inspired by Jang’s life
in the kitchen in her family restaurant in Thailand, Jang’s rich, hearty aromatic beef curry is what we all long for.
The curry paste is made from scratch and here are the steps to reproduce what Jang has become famous for.

Galangal Thai Cuisine

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Respect nature and its cycles by choosing seasonal products. Use them as pure as possible so as not to alter their taste.

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